GRIDAlgo EA is a Versatile Trading Tool

 Yes, our GRIDAlgo EA (an integral part of the Grid Trading Course) is a versatile trading robot. It allows for automating of various grid trading systems. It takes the heavy lifting of creating and maintaining trading grids for you. It keeps track of the market 24/7, following each and every incoming tick. It opens and closes positions automatically, keeps the trading grid running.

GRIDAlgo is a fully featured trading robot. It has numerous settings that allow you to adjust it to different markets, to anyone’s account size and trading style. It enables you to profit from both ranging and trading markets. And yes, Grid Trading can generate profit from trending markets too. In fact it can make tremendous profits from trends…

In the coming weeks I will be showing various examples with GRIDAlgo. I’ll be trading in real time with it under various market conditions and record my sessions on video. My goal is to showcase the power and versatility of Grid Trading. And that GRIDAlgo is a tool that allows you to tame and use this power to your benefit. Allows you to extract profits from the currency markets.