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First grid trading session for 2014 today

Today was a suitable day for trading as per the rules of our News Grid Trading System and I used the opportunity to do a trading session and record it on video. And we hit our profit target:

Forex News Grid Trading on CHFJPY 14-Jan-2014

Forex News Grid Trading on CHFJPY 14-Jan-2014

It is a great start of the New Year. It also was a great example of the advantages of using a dynamically hedged grid. As you know It thrives on trending markets but can handle sideways movements as well. This trading session started with quite a reversal which caused some drawdown, Thanks to the dynamically hedged grid (and the individual trades StopLoss used) we were able to recover and ended up hitting our profit target. I am going to produce the video of this grid trading session and post it in the coming weeks…

News Grid Trading System – Weekly Outlook

Unfortunately next week (10/7-10/13) is not suitable for trading with our News Grid Trading System. Following its fundamental analysis rules we can say that there’s not a single day that we can trade with it… Which may not be a bad thing after all – we can use the opportunity to take a break, go to the beach, spend time with our loved ones. In other words – enjoy life :)