Monthly Archives: January 2014

First grid trading session for 2014 today

Today was a suitable day for trading as per the rules of our News Grid Trading System and I used the opportunity to do a trading session and record it on video. And we hit our profit target:

Forex News Grid Trading on CHFJPY 14-Jan-2014

Forex News Grid Trading on CHFJPY 14-Jan-2014

It is a great start of the New Year. It also was a great example of the advantages of using a dynamically hedged grid. As you know It thrives on trending markets but can handle sideways movements as well. This trading session started with quite a reversal which caused some drawdown, Thanks to the dynamically hedged grid (and the individual trades StopLoss used) we were able to recover and ended up hitting our profit target. I am going to produce the video of this grid trading session and post it in the coming weeks…

Happy New Year 2014! It is time to start grid trading again

First of all – Happy New Year to everyone. Our team wishes you a productive and successful year, to you and your families.

January is here and as you probably know if you have watched our Grid Trading webinars (part of our course) it is time to resume our trading again. I usually like to start in the 2nd or 3rd week of the month, just to give some time for everyone else to get back to market. So, I’ll start watching the markets again, will be looking for opportunities to use our grid trading methods. We’ll also resume posting the News Grid Trading System weekly outlook again (see my previous post), to aid everyone using this strategy too…